Politifact Calls Harry Reid a Liar; Wishes There Was a Way to Prove that Romney Paid Income Tax

Politifact rated Harry Reid’s statement that a Bain investor called him up and told him that Romney didn’t pay any taxes as “Pants on Fire.”

Gee whiz, Politifact! If only there was someway to figure out whether or not Romney paid any income tax. Some way aside from having the Romney campaign describe what’s in his tax returns. Maybe a rousing game of “Hot/Cold” would do? We’ll throw out tax rates and Romney could tell us “Warmer… Warmer…”

There must be some easy way that would answer this question once and for all. Perhaps there are some documents that Romney could provide to the public to answer this wretched tax return question? Perhaps some documents that he provided to the McCain campaign that caused Pepaw to run screaming into the arms of the Wolf-Killah from Wasilla?

There must be something that Romney could do — just can’t put my finger on it…

Just give me a minute – it’ll come to me.

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